How do I care for my carpet?

It is no surprise that carpet cleaning and repair has become a popular choice of flooring among homeowners. Beautiful floor coverings come in all kinds of colors, patterns, textures, etc. As it brings warmth, texture, colour and pattern into any room, carpeting is a great alternative to other floor coverings. The lifespan of your new carpet can be extended by taking care to prevent daily wear and tears, dirt and stubborn stains. Even though maintaining carpets is difficult, carpet cleaners offer some helpful tips for keeping them looking brand new.

Maintenance of carpets can be done easily and quickly. There are a few proven ways to prolong and maintain the lifespan of your rug. You can do this by:
Avoid Carpeting Areas with High Traffic

In deciding where to put which kind of flooring in your home, you need to think about the places that get most foot traffic. These are mainly the areas around your entryways and front doors. It is best to avoid using carpet in these areas. Although carpets are great in bedrooms, living room, and even dens for their warmth, they’re not the best choice to cover front door entryways because dirt and mud is often found here.
Remove your shoes and clean off the bottoms

You can help reduce dirt on your carpet by asking your family or guests to remove shoes and clean their feet before they enter. The use of mats indoors as well as outdoors will reduce the amount of dust and dirt tracked into your home. Take off your shoes as you enter the house. Not only will this reduce the amount dirt on the carpet, but it also helps to keep your floors clean. Another great idea is to keep a shoe rack or basket filled with flip-flops by your front door.
Removing Stains as they Appear

You can’t protect your rug from spills or stains. Carpet stain remover doesn’t have to be an urgent job. However, removing stains quickly will aid in carpet restoration. Blot first, do not rub. Rubbing a spot will remove the fabric from the area and make the stain permanent. Continue blotting until the area is almost dry. After that, vacuum it. Incorrect blotting of water in carpet can result in mould growth.

It is possible to avoid buying high-priced carpet cleaning solutions by maintaining your carpet regularly. Just as with the carpet protector, test stain- and spot-remover on an unnoticeable area before applying them to your carpet’s most prominent areas.
Using Baking Soda Prior to Vacuuming

A carpet must not only look clean but should also have a pleasant smell. The trick is to sprinkle some baking soda in your carpet just before vacuuming. Your carpet will smell better longer. Spread a thin layer of baking powder over your carpet. Leave it for a minute to dry, then vacuum.
Carpets Should Be Vacuumed Regularly

If you ask all your visitors and family members, to remove your shoes and wipe your feet off before they enter the room. You will also need to clean your carpets regularly because dirt and mud are bound to get into your rooms.

To extend carpet life and maintain its appearance, regular carpet vacuuming should be part of any carpet maintenance program. Vacuuming effectively removes dust, allergens, dirt and other debris. More often you vacuum, the cleaner your carpet will be. Schedule to vacuum the areas that receive heavy foot traffic on your carpet twice aweek, while less heavily used sections should be done once every week.
Regularly change the bags and filter cartridges

Maintaining your vacuum’s working condition is important, regardless of whether the model you have has bags, filters or an upright canister. This helps to prolong the life of your carpets. You should change your filters or bags regularly. It is important to change your filter or bag regularly.

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