Dirty Carpets Affecting Health and Home

Carpeting, if maintained properly, can enhance indoor air. It is because carpets are much more than pretty, soft flooring. This is because your carpet acts as the biggest air filter for contaminants in your house, including allergens.

Dr. Michael Berry, Ph. Former director of the EPA Environmental Criteria and Assessment Office, Dr. Michael B. Berry is a Ph. Berry, in “Protecting the Built Environment, Carpet Cleaning for health”, says that the most common indoor cleaning problem is dirty carpets. This can be fixed by proper care and maintenance. The carpet, he said, is like a sink which gathers pollution from inside and outside. It stores soil, dust and other contaminants as the carpet fills (the sink becomes polluted). It is important to empty the sink when it becomes full. Proper carpet cleaning becomes necessary.

It’s true that indoor air can be more polluted. Well, it’s true. Indoor air becomes trapped. The air is seldom replaced in its entirety. On the contrary, outdoor air gets blown off and is replaced with newer air. Your carpet can trap pollutants, which then enter trapped indoor air. Your carpet becomes a dumping ground for them when you step on them. They are then re-dispersed when they’re walked over, and everyone in your home breathes them. Even when you see the particles of dust fluttering around in a stream or sunlight, it’s easy to see. Indoor air pollution is caused by the fact that you breath the air repeatedly.

Berry explains that carpets can breed bio-pollutants if they are not regularly cleaned. You should regularly clean your sinks and ensure that you have cleaned the carpets. Carpets are cleaned because they seem dirty. But by the point you see dirt, your carpet is likely filthy. It is beneficial to vacuum properly. Even the most expensive vacuums only collect 15% of actual soil. Rest of the soil, including bacteria, pollutants and allergens will collect. Berry says that most people don’t clean their carpets regularly to keep their air cleaner.

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