What is the mechanism of Miralax?

Miralax is a medication that can effectively manage constipation. Miralax works its magic, but how? Learn the mechanism of Miralax’s success in relieving constipation. Read more now on how does miralax work?

Miralax (also known as Polyethylene Glycol 3350) is an osmotic bowel laxative. Water absorption occurs in the colon and results in more comfortable bowel movement. Miralax works in three steps.

1. Miralax attracts water: Miralax, when ingested enters into the digestive tract but isn’t absorbed significantly in the bloodstream. The colon is where it stays. Miralax acts in this area. This active ingredient polyethylene glycol has an osmotic property. It pulls water out of the surrounding tissues as well as the bloodstream and into the colon.

2. The stool becomes softer as water flows into the colon. This effect of softening is important in helping stool pass through the intestines. The larger stool causes the natural contractions known as Peristalsis in the colon to propel the stool into the rectum.

3. Facilitating Bowel Movements. The softened stool will move more smoothly through your digestive tract, thanks to the fluid increase. The smoother movements reduce the discomfort and strain associated with constipation. The dry stool can also contribute to painful bowel movement.

4. Miralax offers gentle, gradual relief. Unlike laxatives with harsh stimulants that cause sudden bowel contractions to occur, Miralax is gentle. The laxative’s gradual and gentle action is preferred by those seeking relief without the urgency that comes with many other laxatives.

Although Miralax is a product that aims to soften stools and promote regular bowel movements it can take time for its effects to be felt. Miralax begins to act within 12 hours. This natural and comfortable relief is provided by a gradual, but effective approach.

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