Welcome to The Borderless Project

Welcome to The Borderless Project!

This website is something we’ve dreamed about for months, and we couldn’t be more excited to finally share it. After a lot of arguing over fonts, late nights editing videos, and a multi-week debate over names, we have something to show for it. The name we finally chose, The Borderless Project, hopefully captures what we’re trying to do.

This project has no borders- we’re going everywhere we can and trying to share as much of it as possible, whatever that ends up being. So give us a chance, follow along, and hopefully you can find your own value in the things that we thought were worth sharing. We travel for the people just as much as the places- so be the people! If absolutely nothing else, we’ll have a lot of wanderlust eyecandy for you to look at while you’re bored at work.

Mainly that it’s a project. A work very much in progress. We’re not sure exactly what it is or what it will be, but we know what we care about…We want to share our experiences, inspire people to go out there and get wonderfully lost, and we want to make it easier for you when you do. And if nothing else, hopefully we can entertain you with our own traveling stories, the good and the bad.

As with any newcomers trying to make something on the internet, it means a lot that you’re even reading this. So thank you, cheers to you! This is going to be fun.



¡Megan y Henry!

The Borderless Project