Visiting a Botanical Garden

They’re two things I never do: spending a week in the same town while traveling, and visiting a Botanical Garden.

In fact, that’s a lie.

The reason why I never stay in the same town for a week is just because I feel like I’ll miss something. A part of me focus on productivity and standing still is not an option. Yet, I passed a whole week in Rio de Janeiro in March.

The reason why I never visit a Botanical Garden is because I just don’t get plants. I judge them by their colors.

There’s a lot of things I never do, such as eating alive octopus. I never do that. (Why in hell, from all the possible examples, is it the alive octopus thing that came out first?!)

Does that make me racist?

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden

Visit Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden

Cactus in Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden

Plants don’t run. They do micro movements, follow the sun, and grow. They even grow without us noticing! Plants are ninjas.

I should visit botanical gardens more often but… maybe I need to see movements. I think it reassures me that life is happening.

I think that’s why I like to travel too.

View from Rio Botanical Garden

Walking in Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden thought me something about balance. The movement of my feet and the apparent stillness of nature create harmony in this noisy city.

So I was there, walking in Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, completely wet because of the Waters of March Jobim talked about. I read somewhere that if you run through the rain, you’ll probably be as wet as if you walk. Despite that scientific fact, we pretty much always run. That day, I walked.

I should do things I never do more often….

For more info: Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden. (It’s only 7.00R$)