Try to NOT quit your job, and travel the world

Being a part of the travel bloggers community now (kind of), I feel more and more pressure to perform, to prove to the world that I am a very special traveller. But I am not. I cannot promise I’ll visit every country in the World, but I’ll try. I am not really enthusiastic about eating insects in some tribes. Seriously, I’d prefer to eat the most common meal. I don’t mind sleeping on a couch, but I sure prefer to sleep in a bed.

This week, I’ll travel for the first time alone. Does this mean I deserve the « Real Traveller » badge now? Is there some kind of new world that is unlocked or something?

And most importantly, I don’t think you have to quit your life to enjoy the world. I need to say it, I’m a little sick of the « How to quit your job and travel the world » thing. If that’s what you want to do, that’s great! But please don’t pretend that people who don’t are missing something or don’t understand what « real life » is. Personally, I like to go just as much as I like to come back.

Me taking a picture like a tourist

Me, taking a picture like a tourist in front of a fountain. Because I am a tourist dammit!

I plan on enjoying the moment and taking a break from the computer as I work in an Office and work on the blog all nights too.

I like being in a new place where people don’t speak my language, but I like knowing that I have a place to call home somewhere. Does that make me a bad traveller? Does that affect my openness to the World? I don’t think so.

So tonight, just before quitting for Rio, I want to tell you something: Travelling is simple. You can do it for a weekend, or a week. Don’t see it bigger that it is in reality. In fact, it’s just buying a plane ticket and being there on time.

I never said I’m gonna leave my smart phone though! Ahah!

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Looking forward to abandon these winter boots for a week!

Annie xx