The Rainforests of Brazil

In Brazil’s southern Amazon rainforest, which was recently traversed by GLP Films, visitors can scale a 145-foot tall observation tower to view the forests’ tanagers, macaws, toucans, and aracaris in the canopy, or kayak across the Cristalino River—named by the Portuguese for its incredibly pure, dark waters.

Guests are encouraged to spend the day exploring the reserve with local guides, canoeing or hiking across the diverse landscapes. During your stay, you’re likely to spot crested owls and howler monkeys, giant otters and harpy eagles, and even elusive jaguars. Days conclude with caipirinhas and South American wines from the outdoor bar, served beside a crackling fire.

Travelers to the region should consider staying at the Cristalino Lodge, owned by Vitoria Da Riva Caralho. While being almost entirely self-sustainable (the property uses solar panels and grey-water systems) the lodge remains luxuries: rooms are decorated with local handicrafts, and many boast private gardens and verandas with hammocks.