The Cities Where It’s Most Expensive to Spend Christmas

With travel and gifts and eating out, the holidays can get expensive quickly.

Just how expensive can vary widely depending on where you’re spending the holidays, though, according to a Christmas Price Index released by flight comparison website on Wednesday.

The index ranks the cost of spending a festive day in 90 cities around the world, as well as the cost to go shopping for popular gifts in each.

The visiting costs for each city—or the cost for that festive day—is based on the average cost of a room and breakfast in a five-star hotel, a local traditional lunch, a two-course Christmas dinner, a holiday drink, and the cost of tickets to see The Nutcracker for one person.

Shopping rankings are based on the cost of popular gifts like perfumes, a Barbie doll, and a Lego Star Wars Millennium Falcon.

Overall, New York City was the most expensive Christmas destination: The total cost for both visiting and shopping in the city was $1,131.08.

Noam Galai/WireImage/Getty Images

New York City was also the most expensive for the visiting costs, at $762.34, while Jakarta, in Indonesia, was the most expensive city for shopping, at $568.49.

Washington, D.C. was the second most expensive city to visit after New York City, with a total cost of $589.44, followed by Bern in Switzerland at $563.06, Geneva at $548.30, and San Francisco at $540.44.

Buenos Aires had the second highest prices for shoppers at $561.46, followed by Rio de Janeiro in Brazil at $561.11, Reykjavik in Iceland at $556.24, and Shanghai in China at $545.96.

Most expensive Christmas Destinations Peter Adams/Getty Images

Reykjavik also came in as the second most expensive Christmas destination overall at $1,014.80, trailed by Copenhagen at $999.87, Bern at $974.58, and Geneva at $959.82.

Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia had the cheapest visiting costs at $122.46, while Northern Ireland’s capital of Belfast had the cheapest shopping prices at $293.07.

Bratislava, Slovakia, was the overall cheapest destination with visiting and shopping coming to $521.02.