Repairing Common Hot-Water Tank Issues

We can’t live without hot water tanks. They provide warm showers for us, as well as clean dishes. But, as with any other machine, problems can arise over time. Here we’ll explore common problems that can occur with hot water tank repair.

1. No Hot Water

The hot water tank is malfunctioning if only cold or no water runs when the tap is turned on. Often, this issue is caused by an errant heating element or thermostat. To repair it:

Disconnect the electrical supply from the tank.

Make sure that your thermostat temperature is as desired.

A multimeter can be used to test for continuity. Replace any faulty elements.

2. Leaking Tank

An unreliable hot water heater can result in water damage at home as well increased electricity bills. These leaks can be caused by corrosion and a malfunctioning relief valve. For this issue, you can:

Stop the electricity and the water flow to the tank.

Check the leak and find its source.

Replace the relief if you find it to be malfunctioning.

You may have to consider replacing the tank when it has been severely corroded.

3. Strange Noises

You can attribute rumbling, popping or rattling noises to a sediment buildup in the tank’s bottom. For this issue, you can fix it by following these steps:

Disconnect the power source to the tank.

Connect a tube to the drainage valve on the bottom.

Direct the hose towards a drainage or an open area.

To drain water, open the drain to allow it to flow out.

Close the valve. Remove hose. Reconnect power.

4. Lack of hot water

A malfunctioning thermostat could cause your water heater to not heat up enough. Or, you may have a tank which isn’t large enough. To repair:

Steps to be taken for sediment build-up are listed above.

The thermostat should be checked and adjusted if necessary.

Upgrading your tank may be the best option if you’re finding that your water heater is always too small.

If you are unsure of any step in the process, it is best to consult with an experienced plumber. Work with hot tanks is dangerous. Safety must always come first.