Different types of beads for jewelry making

One of the oldest human inventions is beads. Beads have been around for ages and are used in beaded bracelets, necklaces and other body accessories. Beaded necklaces have been used since the Ice Age and possibly even earlier. These necklaces have been buried within Roman cities, Egyptian tombs and ice age camps. Throughout the years, many materials have been used to make beads. The technology of today has reached a new level. This has led to the development of more materials that can be utilized to make beads. We will examine the various types of jewelry beads in this article.

Beads made of plastic for jewellery making are typically lightweight. The beads are very durable and affordable. In the past, these materials were used to make jewelry for children, but now they’re also being used to design funky pieces of jewelry for casual women. Jewelry designers do not prefer them because they lack the appeal and charm of crystal or glass.

In most cases the pearls used to make the beads are the real ones. There are companies who manufacture faux-pearl beads. These beads, which are produced in mass quantities by factories, are given the shine and gloss of pearls through adding chemicals and other elements. They are classy, elegant and sophisticated when they are made with real pearls.

These tiny metal elements can be made from different types of metal. Costs are determined by the metal type. As an example, sterling silver beads are more expensive than gold beads. The good thing about metals is that you can form them into almost any shape, and add intricate detailing and design to make each one unique.

Wood is also a common material used for the production of beads. Humans have been using wood to adorn their bodies since ancient times. These beads can also be enhanced with color, texture, or shine using modern techniques. Due to the availability of hardwoods around the globe, wood beads are some of the least expensive beads on the market today.

This is probably one of the most desired beads in today’s market. Elegant and widely used for the creation of jewelry, they have a high value. The stones are bright and shiny, and they look stunning when they’re faceted. There are many different shapes, sizes, and colors. The colors are single or multiple. All types are available, including transparent, translucent and opaque.