Could this sloth selfie be the greatest use of a selfie stick

Could this sloth selfie be the greatest use of a selfie stick

An adorable sloth selfie that’s taking the internet by storm may change the way you view selfie sticks forever.

Imgur user Nicolas Huskar posted a selfie of a sloth up a tree that has got the internet excited. The selfie was captured by making full use of the selfie sticks extendable arm to reach the sloth that was chilling in a tree in the jungle.

Whether you think selfie sticks are the worst thing to happen to travel, or the perfect tool to capture your latest duck pout, one man’s ingenious use of a selfie stick resulted in perhaps the sweetest selfie ever.

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The sloth selfie has gathered almost 2 million views since being uploaded on Sunday, but it appears to have first been shared on Marcelo Sueth’s Instagram account on 21 June. It was taken in the jungle near Rio de Janerio.


Surprisingly,  Sueth’s upload isn’t the first sloth selfie, but it just may just be the best.

Capturing the sloth selfie is quite the achievement, as the quiet creatures spent up to 70% of their time sleeping and hanging out in high trees in South America.

The sloth looks very comfortable in front of the camera, which is surprising considering how shy sloths normally are. This sloth seems to be enjoying itself, giving the camera a lazy smile.

I miss walking the jungle of Costa Rica looking for these guys!!! Sloth love

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