Revisiting Fuzhou, a few days with Pascal

Long time ago, I met Pascal in Thailand when he was taking a year off traveling around the world. We were both traveling with our parents at the time. We all got along very well and had dinner on several occasions in Koh Phangan and Koh Tao. As he told me he would be passing through China, I gave him my email address and invited him to stay with me in Fuzhou to enjoy a typical Chinese city.

He hadn’t written and I thought he had lost my email or changed his plans. But last weekend he messaged me… from Fuzhou! We ended up spending pretty much 5 days together and I showed him the sights: temples, old neighborhoods, shopping streets, the squares and the dirty restaurants!

Pascal told me Fuzhou was much cleaner than Indian cities he went through. Also, he found Fuzhou pretty pleasant in spite of being a large and populous city. It’s true that Fuzhou offers many parks and a bit of space between the many apartment buildings and skyscrapers. However, he refused to take the bus at rush hour when people are packed like sardines! He showed me the similarities between Chinese and Japanese.

Revisiting Fuzhou, a few days with Pascal.


temples and he enjoyed the food cooked in the family-owned restaurants I took him to. Pascal was surprised at how tall many Chinese young people now are, but he couldn’t help witness how much junk food they are eating and he doubts that Chinese girls will be able to keep slim much longer.
Revisiting Fuzhou, a few days with Pascal.