Mons – opens in the 2015 European Capital of Culture

Each year since 1985, one or more towns a designated as European Capitals of Culture by the European Union. Countries that will host the Capital of culture are chosen in advance and cities post their candidature. This year, both Belgium and Czech Republic were chosen.

In Belgium, Mons and Liege raised their hands to be candidates. So why did Mons win?


What did you do in a year? I was probably catching up on Game of Thrones….

… because on the due date, Liege didn’t present any project.

Did people from Mons know they were alone in the run? No. Thinking they were fighting against a much bigger town, they did their best and work together to find the best ideas to present a program that will blow people’s mind. They decided to open during the same year 1 new concert hall and 5 new museums and to set up 15 urban installations.

Theatre in Mons - 2015 European Capital of Culture

View of Mons - 2015 European Capital of Culture

What is there to do in Mons?


To add to the fun, I suggest not to look at the other side of the map before finding the piece of art. It’s funnier to walk from number to number not knowing what you’ll find at the next corner.

Tons of activities! Museums, music shows, expos, theatre, dance, name it.

On my side, I decided to practice my favorite activity and to walk following the path of urban installations.

15 artists put their works in the streets of Mons and colored the city with their arts and words. You can find the plan here.

City says no - Mons 2015

A Day in Mons - 2015 European Capital of Culture

Urban installation in Mons 2015

Urban Installation in Mons 2015

Very Expensive - Mons 2015 Urban Installation

Sometimes, it’s okay to take picture as a tourist.

(I wanted to be an annngel!)

Angel in Mons 2015

A very long poem

If you didn’t walk enough, you can also read the 10 km long poem written on walls and ground around town.

Paysage - Urban Installation in Mons 2015

Poems in town - Mons 2015

Video filmed by my friend from the blog Scouich : Les mots de Mons 2015.

Practical info

  • It takes a little less than an hour by train from Brussels to Mons
  • There is an hostel in Mons. Of course, Mons is getting a lot of attention, so book in advance.
  • No need to wake up early on weekends, most expos open around noon.

Did you visit Mons already? There are activities all year-long, changing with the seasons.