Missing Man Found Alive in the Amazon After Walking 6,500 Miles

After walking more than 6,500 miles from his hometown of Toronto, 39-year-old Anton Pilipa was found in the Amazon city of Manaus in northwestern Brazil. He had been missing since 2012, and was found wandering next to a highway. 

Anton’s brother, Stefan Pilipa, shared a few words with CBC News Toronto, saying that Anton was suffering from mental illness when he went missing from Scarborough in 2012. When Anton was picked up, he had no ID on him. It was only when Anton told Brazilian-Canadian police officer Helenice Vidigal that he was from Canada that she was able to begin filling in the puzzle. “I thought, if he says he’s Canadian, I’m sure I can find his family,” she shared with CBC News. She took to Twitter to start the process of finding Anton’s family.

Stefan became aware of the effort in late December. He pulled together the money to travel to Brazil and launched a crowdfunding campaign to help source money to pay for his brother’s hospital bills. Before Stefan made it to Brazil, Anton made an escape from the hospital and headed into the nearby jungle. Luckily, he was found safe again, and Stefan has since been reunited with his brother.

Anton has since shared that he’s happy to be home, and his health is getting better. Before he went missing, Anton was scheduled to appear in court for assault and weapons offenses. He was arrested after being found, but was released on bail and has an upcoming court date to address the previous charges.