Learning Samba in Rio

You know how much I enjoy learning new things. So, it was absolutely impossible for me to go to Rio de Janeiro without trying basic Samba steps. Since I already dance lindy hop, which is also a partnered dance, I must admit I was a little over-confident in my capacity of dancing Samba.

Getting the vibe

My Samba class was just the day after I landed in Rio de Janeiro and I couldn’t say how much of a relief it was to move those feet after more than 12 hours of transportation from Montreal.

In a yoga studio of Copacabana, Helio welcomed the group and made sure everybody was comfortable. None of the seven people in the group (Guess who was alone?) had experience in Samba. So, if you plan on doing this activity, no need to worry about your dancing skills. We are all in the same boat.

Well, you know what? It didn’t help me at all! Ahah! I think there is definitely something different in the constitution of the hips of North Americans versus South Americans. Seriously, how can you people do that?

Fortunately, this is why beginner Samba workshops exist and I had the chance to have the very comprehensive and funny Helio, from RDJ4U as a teacher.

Samba Class in Rio de Janeiro

Still think you cannot dance Samba? I have a very easy exercise for you: Press play on this video, and continue to read this post (It’s just a soundtrack, you don’t have to watch it)…

The class is about an hour and we got to learn the basic steps, and how to try to move our hips and what to do with these damn arms. For this hour, I was like a 5 years old kid! Seriously, it was so fun to dance and it is just impossible not to move on this music. Also, if you have any problem, Helio take the time to see everybody one at a time to correct some moves.

Samba Class with Helio

Samba Finale with Helio

I clearly need to invest in dancing shoes…

Moving our hips in Rio Scenarium

Rio Scenarium is one of the 10 best bars in the world and I can easily understand why. This gigantic bar features three floors with three different ambience, from the live band to a more relaxed area.

Formerly an antique shop, Rio Scenarium has kept some of its original looks. This place is a museum in itself with its old clocks, bicycles, creepy dolls and other random props. I must admit the cover charge (+/- 40R$) can be quite expensive for a budget traveller though…

Exercice is over! So… did you shake your booty on the chair while reading? Did you tap your feet on the floor? I am sure you did! As I said, it is just impossible not to! Well, congratulations, you have all the requirements to do the Samba Class + Night Out.

If you are really not a night owl, you can just do the one hour class, but, honestly, I highly recommend you go for the night out. Nightlife in Rio de Janeiro is very active and it would be a miss not to experience it.

Of course, my favorite floor was the first one with the live Samba band. This is where all Cariocas (resident of Rio de Janeiro) and tourists practice their Samba. The energy is vibrant and smiles are on every face!

Don’t miss the capirinha at the bar and ask Helio a dance for me!

Details in Rio Scenarium, Top 10 Best Bars in the World

Three Floor of Rio Scenarium

Live band in Rio Scenarium

Thanks to RDJ4U for having me as a guest in the Samba Class + night out. All opinions, as always, are my own, regardless of who pays the bills.

Where to take beginner Samba class in Rio de Janeiro

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