Kite Surfing Cape Town

Kite Surfing Cape Town

It is popular to have kite surfing, or kite boarding in South Africa, with the spectacular beaches of Cape Town making for a fantastic location to partake in it. The unique topography of the Cape Peninsula means that it is possible to find beaches with wind coming from the right direction both in the summer and winter months; not to mention the perfect waves.

Key Kite Surfing Information for Cape Town:

Ideal Winds: October – March (South African Summer)

Water Temp: Full Wetsuit

Water Conditions: Moderate to high waves

Weather Conditions: Sunny and warm to hot in summer, while winter is cooler and prone to cloud and rain.

We advise you to wear a wetsuit all year round as the water temperatures can be rather chilly, usually ranging between 12-18°C.

It is windy season from October to March in Cape Town where the South-Easter wind blows in across False Bay and the Cape Flats. Wind speed can be upwards of 15 knots on a light day and reach as strong as 30 -35 knot winds on blustery days. When the wind does pick up, it can often go on for days at a time, making for ideal kite boarding conditions.

The kite surfing beaches in Cape Town can be split into 2 groups: North Peninsula and South Peninsula.

Kite Surfing Cape Town

North Peninsula

The North Peninsula is better suited to the beginner and intermediate kite surfers, although there are some exceptions to this such as Hakgat which is for the more experienced. It is however not unusual to see both experienced and professional kite surfers at Blouberg or Sunset Beach.

The south-easterly side-shore winds (May to October) make for good conditions on the beaches north of Cape Town, with prime kite surfing destinations including:

Sunset Beach – Sunset Beach is a great meeting point and is a good spot for both local and international kiters who are chasing the strong South-Easter wind and the waves that it creates. This location is best in the mornings with the side-shore south-easterly wind. As the wind builds during the day it can end up getting very strong by the late afternoon.  Sunset Beach is definitely the most consistently windy spot in Cape Town making it a favourite for local kite surfers.

Dolphin Beach – Dolphin Beach is affectionately known by Cape Town locals as ‘Kite Beach’.  It is the place to pull your moves and show what you can do! Dolphin Beach is as good as any world class location so it can sometimes get very crowded. However, the beach is really long so there is ample space to move downwind and have more room to manoeuvre. For this reason it is an ideal location for beginners to start out downwind without worrying about drifting into experienced kiters.

Blouberg – Blouberg’s Big Bay is a great location for small to medium waves, with a lighter wind than Dolphin Beach and Sunset Beach. To the north side of the rocks there are often good left and right waves which can make for some very exciting kite surfing.
Kite Surfing Cape Town

South Peninsula

The South Peninsula beaches are for the more experienced kite surfer. Generally this area has more precarious spots on the Atlantic Ocean Side. The False Bay side at Muizenberg is also popular with intermediate surfers and less crowded than Blouberg.

On the South Peninsula Atlantic side, asides from the fantastic beaches and spectacular scenery, there are many locations perfect for kite surfing, depending on your level of experience.

Witsands, south of Kommetjie and the iconic Long Beach, are great spots for the riders of all experience levels. The south-easterly wind is on-shore so should anything go wrong you will end up on the beach. Another location in the area is Crayfish Factory which is definitely for the experienced big-wave rider, due to the big southern Atlantic swells coming on shore here.

Scarborough, with Cape Point Nature Reserve as its neighbour, is an amazing kite surfing beach. Please note that the wind can get very gusty in Scarborough, however on good swells there can be some exhilarating surf off the left hand point.

The False Bay side of the peninsula is far more protected and therefore has smaller surf than the Atlantic side. The wind also varies from onshore to cross onshore in the summer when the South-Easterly wind is blowing.

Fish Hoek just north of Simonstown is worth taking a look at when wind conditions are appropriate, take a moment to chat to the locals to figure out the current wind conditions.

Muizenberg is situated slightly further north of Fish Hoek in False Bay and is easily accessible from the city. Starting at Surfer’s Corner this seeming endless stretch of beach offers a long stretch to surf along. The wind is a cross onshore South-Easter. This area is suited to beginners and intermediate kite boarders and is less crowed than the northern Peninsula beaches.

Whether choosing to experience the beaches of the north or south, Cape Town certainly offers a variety of options for both the novice and the more experienced Kite Surfer. Ideal hotel accommodation options include the four star boutique Atlantic Beach Hotel for the Blouberg area in the north and the five star Colona Castle in Muizenberg or The Last Word Long Beach in Kommetjie when in the south.