Kenya & Zanzibar: Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Your honeymoon should be full of romance, drama, and breathtaking moments, which you can tell your grandchildren about in years to come. Three things that both Kenya and Zanzibar have in spades. (Speaking of spades, you might want one for the beaches.) One thing is for sure: you’ll return an expert sunbather.

The Kenyan Coastline
The beautiful Kenyan coastline is fringed and protected by a huge coral reef and has beaches with cushion-soft sand, creeks lined with mangroves, and an ocean so blue it sparkles. Shade yourself from the African sun under a coconut palm and watch the traditional dhows bob along the water. Kenyan beach holidays are made for relaxation and they offer an alternative to safari. You can take a trip to the old city of Mombasa, or explore one of the forests located just inland. They’re bursting with wildlife.

There are too many incredible beaches to mention, but here are some of our favourites.

the best beach along the coastline of Kenya with its balance of powder sand, glass-bottomed boats, and places to stay and eat. It’s perfect for lazy days under the palms, and fun nights mingling with the locals and other visitors. One of the restaurants here is built in a huge underground cave!
Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Funzi island
If you have the taste for adventure, this is the place to go for ultimate escapism. You can access the island, which is surrounded by mangroves, by speedboat. It’s gorged with tropical vegetation as well as the softest of sands, and is perfect for fishing, sailing, or canoeing. You might even see a crocodile…

Kenya’s dry season runs from December to February and June to October, while the green season is from March to May and November.

This is a peninsula with a little traditional village that’s quieter and further North than Diani and has great diving and wildlife excursions. It’s extremely picturesque, thanks to the coral islands and headlands.

Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Zanzibar’s beaches
The island of Zanzibar is famous for its spices – the smell is so exotic you may find yourself salivating – and fresh seafood. While it’s small (around 40km wide and 100km long) its beauty is undeniable. The sand is so fine it’s almost white and the water is clear and gentle. The best beaches can be found on the eastern side and are protected by barrier reefs. If you like to dive or snorkel, a Zanzibar holiday is for you. Thanks to the water clarity, the water activities here are spectacular. For something a little drier, you can take a trip slightly inland to Stone Town to see the spice markets and Arabic architecture.

Kiwengwa and Pongwe
This part of the island isn’t too crowded but has some very good places to stay. Plus, Pongwe is probably the best beach Zanzibar has to offer – and that’s saying something! At low tide the sand spreads all the way out to the seaweed farms, and at high tide the ocean comes right up to the land near the main road. For ever changing landscapes to admire while enjoying a honeymooning bliss, this is the place to go.

Beach Honeymoon Destinations

This is one of the more underdeveloped areas of Zanzibar, but the beaches here are secluded, making it perfect for honeymoon escapism. The shoreline provides some of the best diving and snorkelling around.

The best times to visit are January to March and June to October.

This is fast becoming a more popular destination, likely due to the vast, expansive beach it has to offer. Paradise, some might say. The tides are pretty extreme here, but swimming is still possible.
Beach Honeymoon Destinations