Here’s Exactly Where to Honeymoon According to Your Zodiac Sign

Here's Exactly Where to Honeymoon According to Your Zodiac Sign

It can not be easy to decide where to spend your honeymoon. Lucky for you, it’s written in the stars. Stay with us here, but your Zodiac sign can actually help you decide where to take your honeymoon. Read on to find out where you’re destined to enjoy newlywed bliss!


Your independent and intellectual streak calls for an unconventional and adventurous honeymoon. Quench your energy and sometimes eccentricity with a trip to the stunning region of Patagonia. It’s home to a bit of everything— mountains, glaciers, jungle, ocean. Wildlife sighting and horseback riding are just a few of the adventures you’ll experience. Bonus: Since this isn’t a honeymoon hot spot and the location is more remote, the region will also appeal to your inner quiet side.

Here's Exactly Where to Honeymoon According to Your Zodiac Sign


A strong intuition and creative tendencies are the hallmarks of a Pisces bride. And we don’t need to tell you you’re strong on the romance and compassion, too. With your love of music and the arts, head to one of Europe’s most cultural cities—Florence, Italy—and spend your days with your newlywed reveling in all of the masterpieces surrounding you. At night, dine in the romantic candlelight of an Italian bistro with a hearty plate of pasta.



You, social butterfly, are one of the most active Zodiac signs. No surprise there, right? Your courage, optimism, and passion keeps your fuel going and keeps you on the hunt for constant speed and adventure. Fulfill your quest for the dynamic with a honeymoon in Cambodia and Laos, where you can explore ancient temples and outdoor sights. From hiking to kayaking, you and your groom will find plenty of escapades.

Here's Exactly Where to Honeymoon According to Your Zodiac Sign



Your practical and stable nature calls for a traditional honeymoon. This practicality means you’re savvy with money, but it finds itself at par with your taste for life’s finer things. Hawaii, a classic destination for lovebirds, is the place to indulge and pamper yourself with spa delights. Many luxury resorts there offer honeymoon packages, so you’ll get to enjoy a bit of extravagance while getting a bargain—your definition of the best of both worlds.


Thoughtful and expressive, your curiosity and fascination with the world means you need a honeymoon that will stimulate your senses. And your hunger for wonder means you’ll have a hard time staying in one place. Take a tour of Spain by starting in Barcelona, a hotbed of nightlife, top-notch cuisine, and historic attractions to name a few. Follow up a few days here by exploring Madrid, Seville, and Ibiza to get the full experience of the Spanish landscape.



Your love of relaxation near the water and homebody tendencies means you’re destined for an intimate coastal honeymoon, and your deep sentiment means that this destination needs to be romantic. Sveti Stefan on the coast of Montenegro fits the bill. Quaint and charming but luxurious, with expansive views of the sea and smooth beaches, this place feels like its own little world and offers a taste of the Med that will appeal to your high imagination.

Here's Exactly Where to Honeymoon According to Your Zodiac Sign



Exuberance for life and laughter means that you have a big personality, so your honeymoon needs to be equally cheerful and happy. With your fondness for bright colors and expensive things, it should also be exotic. Head to the Islands of Tahiti, specifically Bora Bora or Moorea. They’re known for their overwater bungalows, which will put you in a state of bliss with your new hubby and make you feel like the queen you are. Every view from the islands is spectacular, and nothing compares to the secluded luxury they offer.



A strong character with practical tendencies and eye for detail calls for a bold, but realistic honeymoon. We know you’re all work, and no play, so this spot also needs to sweep you into the zone of relaxation—a.k.a. the Caribbean. Try Dominica, whose seclusion creates a leisurely environment in which to unwind. The island is also rich in wildlife and scenery thanks to its mildly tropical climate, from lush mountain greenery to waterfalls, which will appeal to your sense of humanity and love of nature.


Since you’re always inspired by intellectual discussions with others and the fine arts around you, you need a social hub of culture. And since you’re also a lover of beautiful things, your surroundings have to be no less than picturesque. You and your hubby will delight in the artistic and intellectual legacy in Vienna, Austria, whether you’re enjoying coffee in the company of others in a café on a baroque streetscape, exploring the works of Gustav Klimt, or visiting the Haus der Musik (House of Music).

Here's Exactly Where to Honeymoon According to Your Zodiac Sign


The most fitting honeymoon spot for you, Scorpio, is one that will ignite your fierce and passionate personality for a whirlwind romance with your partner. You’re the leader of most things, so it’s also time to step back and relax. Bali is daring, yet low-key, the perfect combo of what you want and what you need. Their many honeymoon villas are all romance and luxury, creating easy intimacy for your time there. The island’s zen vibes will pull you into bliss, and the stunning waters don’t hurt either—you are a water sign, after all.


As the biggest traveler of all the Zodiac signs, you must take a far-flung getaway somewhere you’ve never been before. A trip to Africa will meet your desire to be in touch with the world and experience as much as possible as well as complement your love for the outdoors. Make your way to Tanzania, home to the Serengeti National Park, for a one-of-a-kind experience that will bring you one step closer to nature. Thrilling game drives and the ability to be up close and personal with wildlife will appeal to your inner curiosity and desire to learn about other cultures.

Here's Exactly Where to Honeymoon According to Your Zodiac Sign


You spend most of your time being serious, which means it’s time to kick back during your honeymoon. Since you prefer the traditional and quality craftsmanship, why not take a trip to Napa Valley? You’ll enjoy the fine craftsmanship that went into all those wines you’ll taste, and being in proximity to vineyards and the fruits of the earth with satisfy your earth sign. Besides, you strive for the best, and Napa Valley is one of the world’s best wine regions.