Carpet Cleaning – Wet Versus Dry

Many people don’t realize that there are multiple ways to spotless carpet. There is a choice between a wet and a dry cleaning method. There are many who would like to understand the difference. It is true that there are differences between them. One is obvious: one requires more water. But, they go beyond that. Prior to using either technique, vacuuming the carpet is a good idea. Vacuuming first will make cleaning the carpet easier.

Steam Cleaning Let’s start with the steam method. Water is used in the majority of wet cleaning processes, just as its name implies. You can choose between two types of cleaning – the first is steaming, and secondly shampooing.

You shampoo your carpet literally with this method. The foam from the shampooing machine is applied to all fibers. As a result, dirt and stains are stirred up. Once the dirt has been agitated, it gets stuck in the shampoo. It is possible to vacuum the carpet clean after it has dried. This dried shampoo solution removes dirt and stains from the carpet.

Steam cleaning could also be referred to as a method of wet-cleaning. In steam cleaning, your cleaner sprays hot water mixed with detergent onto the carpet. This will loosen up the dirt. It is now time to use a specialist vacuum that will remove any remaining water.

Cleaning When using the dry method to clean, a damp powder is spread on the carpet. It’s then rubbed into the fibers by a specially designed machine. The powder is mostly detergent and a dissolving solution. This powder contains just enough water to keep it moist. A powder with special properties can act as a strong cleaning agent. After spreading the powder on your carpet, vacuum it up.

Each There are advantages and disadvantages. The dry cleaning method does not cleanse as well as the wet one. The main benefit of using this method is its speed. For a moist cleaning you might need to wait from 12 to 48 hours for it to dry. So, that’s the possible downside. As previously stated, this is because it is a more comprehensive and forceful approach.

Common Cleaning Method In general, professional cleaners tend to follow the same process as shown below. First, they inspect the area they want to clean to see what type of dirt they’ll be facing.

Next, they will vacuum the entire area in order to remove all “easy dirt”.

A pre-conditioning solution is used after the vacuuming. This solution emulsifies dirt particles and biomaterials.

This will loosen the compacted dirt. This will loosen any dirt that is compacted.

After the initial agitation they wash off the cleaning agents applied in Step 3. In this way, the carpet fibers will be free of residue. In the case of stubborn spots or stains, these are treated with stain removers. Depending on the stain, it may be necessary to let these spots “dwell”. This allows them to perform their task. If the correct amount of dwell time is not reached, then the solution must be rinsed.

Normally, after the carpets have been thoroughly cleaned and stains removed, the Teflon Fiber Protectant from Dupont is applied. Even though this step is optional many people recommend it.

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