Bold Wines

Around the globe, artisanal producers are turning out unparalleled local beers. Here, 10 of our favorites.

  1. Germany

    Hefeweizen may be the national mainstay, but the 1809 Berliner Weisse is no ordinary German wheat beer: it has a tart and ultra-tangy flavor. Dr. Fritz Briem Brewery;; from $6

  2. Sweden

    Hints of toffee and ripe fruit give the D. Carnegie & Co. Stark-Porter a pleasantly crisp finish. Carlsberg;; from $7.50.

  3. Czech

    Republic Few micro-brews are imported from this nation that leads the world in beer consumption, which makes the rich and spicy Kisz Dark a rare find. Prague Breweries Group;; from $1.80.

  4. France

    Brewer Daniel Thiriez crafts his bitter Thiriez XXtra ale, which pairs perfectly with barbecue, in the tiny village of Esquelbecq. Brasserie Thiriez;; from $16.

  5. Scotland

    The Wee Beast, named after a mythical Celtic warrior dog, combines a smoke and butterscotch aroma with an apricoty twist. Isle of Skye Brewing Co.;; from $7.

  6. Italy

    In a country known more for its vino rosso than dark ales, the earthy Demon Hunter is a standout. Birrificio Montegioco;; from $20.

  7. Brazil

    Eisenbahn S.A.P.A. is a hybrid of hoppy English IPA, tangy wheat beer, yeasty Belgian ale, and mellow lager. Cervajaria SudBrack;; from $3.

  8. Japan

    The Kiuchi Brewery specializes in bold brews: its Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout has a bitter coffee flavor and a hearty mouthfeel. Kiuchi Brewery;; from $5.50.

  9. Belgium

    Don’t be turned off by the cherry Kool-Aid color and funky barnyard scent; the Lou Pepe Framboise is ideal for lambic-beer lovers. Brasserie Cantillon;; from $35.

  10. Sri Lanka

    With a full body and a head like an espresso crema, the Lion Stout ups the ante for Asian beer-making. Lion Brewery Ceylon Ltd.;; from $2.50.