The best tips from a professional doer

I rarely speak about my 9 to 5 job so probably few of you know that I’m a project manager. I’d even say that I’m a very good one. Yeah, time to brag!

My motivation and productivity come from basic principles. I decided to share them with you since I think it totally works to achieve travel goals too.

Productivity and « getting shit done » is the essence of my job and I try to keep the pace in my personal life too.

Co-workers and friends are impressed by the amount of tasks I can accomplish in a day and how I always do what I say I’m going to do in my personal life.

1. It’s not because everybody wants it that you need to want it too

The first tip to achieve a goal is to make sure you really want to achieve it. It sounds obvious, right? But it’s not.

We sometimes tend to aim for the same goals as the majority. So next time, ask yourself: do I  really want it for myself?

I used to ask myself if I was abnormal for not wanting a house, for not having a burning desire to have the latest technology. I tried really hard to save money for a cash down on a house and failed miserably. Yet, saving money to travel is done naturally.

I love you but I love me more - Tips from a professional doer

2. « I love you but I love me more »

I think I get this one from Samantha in Sex and the City. (What…)

Selfishness can be very useful when it comes to goal achieving.

Never let your love for someone be an obstacle towards your goal. If you want to travel, you shouldn’t let your family’s insecurities keep you away from discovering the world, or the fear of losing a love relationship stopping your desire to go.

Tips from a professionals doer

 3. Money is a renewable resource, time isn’t

Be responsible with your money. That means do not create yourself  unmanageable debts, but it also means to use your money wisely to achieve your goals.

Time is not expendable. You have a specific amount of time and you cannot create more of it. Procrastination will not serve you, nor does your fear of not having enough money. Set your goal in time and you’ll find the money you need to do it.

When you say something is too expensive, is it really?

You can always create more money, by working more or at a better paid job, or by selling stuff. Be creative. Money likes creativity.

Get the shit done - Motion is better than stasis

4. Motion is better than stasis


Immobility is food for fears.

So do something for God’s sake! (whatever God is…)

…or « done is better than perfect ».

When you do something, you learn, you grow and build your skills. I prefer to do something imperfectly or to fail than to do nothing.

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