5 Reasons Why Mozambique Will Surprise You

5 Reasons Why Mozambique Will Surprise You

Considering holidaying in a destination that flaunts pristine beaches, as well as national parks and reserves for incredible game viewing? Here is a good choice for you,  Mozambique. It’s the ultimate destination if you want a blend of pure relaxation and exciting experiences.

There are much more things in Mozambique than it being home to amazing animals and sandy beaches. Here you can discover 5 things that will surprise you about this beautiful country.

1. It’s Home to Africa’s Third Largest and Second Deepest Lake

Lago Niassa,  known as Lake Malawi, is one of the largest lakes in Africa at 360 miles long and 47 miles wide. After Lake Tanganyika, it’s the second deepest in Africa with a maximum depth of 706 metres.

5 Reasons Why Mozambique Will Surprise You
Lake Malawi contains between 500 and 1,000 fish species, the majority of which are unique to this region, making it home to the largest number of fish species of any lake in the world.

This stunning, freshwater lake is well worth a visit. Whether you want to dive, snorkel or simply take in its dazzling beauty with your own eyes, it’s one to add to your itinerary.

2. It Only Gained Independence in 1975
Did you know that Mozambique only gained independence from Portugal in 1975? To put that into perspective for you, this was the same year that Margaret Thatcher became leader of the Conservative Party. The country gained its independence following a decade of armed struggle against Portugal.

So, depending on how old you are, you may have been around longer than Mozambique has been independent! Last year, on 25th June, Mozambique celebrated 40 years of independence.  This date is when the country celebrates its National Day.

5 Reasons Why Mozambique Will Surprise You

3. The Vumba Rock Paintings are Found Here 
If you love culture, you’ll be blown away by the rare rock paintings etched onto Mozambique’s side of the Vumba Mountains.

These well-preserved paintings are thought to be around 8,000 years old and portray animals, hunters and other human figures.

5 Reasons Why Mozambique Will Surprise You

4. The Capital is Known as the ‘City of Acacias’
Maputo, known as Lourenço Marques before independence, is the capital of Mozambique. So, why is the city referred to as the ‘City of Acacias’? Well, quite simply because, an abundance of beautiful, acacia trees line the avenues and streets.

The acacia trees are the heart of Mozambique’s capital and largest city. Take in the busy streets, flanked with trees that create a heavenly scent, and you’ll appreciate exactly why this city has been dubbed with this nickname.

5 Reasons Why Mozambique Will Surprise You

5. A Number of Different Languages are Spoken Here 
Whilst Portuguese, inherited from the colonial period, is the official language, there are more than 40 local languages spoken across Mozambique. In fact, most Mozambicans can speak more than one language. The most commonly spoken languages, other than Portuguese, include Cinsena, Xichangana and Elomwe.

Be sure to brush up on your Portuguese before holidaying in this multilingual country.