5 Reasons to add Chobe to your travel check-list

Extraordinary Elephant Encounters

The Chobe River which is meandering between two Southern African countries, Namibia and Botswana, is a unique travel destination. Here are five reasons to visit the beautiful Chobe.

1. Spectacular Sunsets
Simply magical, the sunset attracts many people. Sit back on the deck of the luxurious Zambezi Queen or one of its smaller sisters, the Chobe Princesses and drink in the views. Celebrating the sunset, with drink in hand on one of these sublime houseboats on the Chobe River is incomparable.

It’s hard to beat sundowners in the Chobe.

Spectacular Sunsets Spectacular Sunsets

2. Extraordinary Elephant Encounters
Home to thousands of elephants, you can view these beautiful grey beasts, from your boat, as they frolic in Chobe National Park in huge herds or snorkel in the refreshing water with their trunks lifted up in the air.

Extraordinary Elephant Encounters Extraordinary Elephant Encounters

3. Birding
It is not hard to believe why the channels of Chobe are referred to as a birder’s paradise. With over 450 species found in the grasslands and waterways of the Chobe National Park, the area is a sanctuary to a variety of species, ranging from the Giant King Fisher to Bee-Eaters and the remarkable Fish Eagle. There is something enchanting about listening to the beautiful sounds that fill the air and turn into a melodious choir.

Birding Birding

4. Intimate Wildlife Viewing
Elephants are not the only famous terrestrial wildlife roaming around the vast plains of the Chobe National Park. Spot the mysterious, shy leopard lounging up in a tree or a herd of graceful antelope grazing leisurely on the riverbanks. The best way to view wildlife is onboard a houseboat, where the Chobe wonders are literally on your doorstep. See a crocodile peeking its head above the river surface or a hippo relaxing in its river home whilst you cruise down the wide waterways.

Intimate Wildlife Viewing Intimate Wildlife Viewing

5. Fishing
Catching the impressive tiger fish is every fisherman’s dream. Chobe is a prime location for fishing with over 100km of fishing waters to explore in the Chobe and Zambezi rivers as well as the Kasai Channel. Every fishing trip is a thrilling affair with an opportunity to snag a diverse selection of species hiding in the underwater world.

Fishing Fishing