Guide To Spas & Retreats

(19) Chapada dos Veadeiros Brazil’s New Age paradise But it may be the natural beauty that does the most for your peace of mind. Absorb the rays of the setting sun while meditating on Whale Rock, or hike an hour into the national park named for the region and indulge in a hydromassage under a spectacular waterfall. The town of Alto [...]


Dirving Cabs While Traveling

Happy cab rides are all alike; every unhappy cab ride, however, is unhappy in its own way. In Prague I learned from expensive experience that meters can be set at different rates. The next time, I made sure the driver set the correct rate, but he sneakily changed it midway through. In Mexico City, I thought the Volkswagen Beetle taxis [...]


Brazilian Capoeira

To attract less-acrobatic types, Miami Beach’s Crunch Fitness (1259 Washington Ave.; 305/674-8222) and New York’s Chelsea Piers (W. 23rd St. at West Side Hwy.; 212/336-6000) use a modern version of the centuries-old sport that targets every muscle Replica IWC Portuguese Watches of the body. Capoeira, a Brazilian martial [...]

Beautiful Scene

Creating a Hotspot

Why is Brazil the fashion world’s current object of affection?Lucie Young hits the runways—and streets—of São Paulo to see what’s up After a decade of chic minimalist clothing wiped clean of any trace of gender, race, or culture—indeed, some would say any trace of humanity—fashion is obsessed with all things ethnic, handmade, [...]


Live In Salvador da Bahia

Bahia, the spiritual center of Brazil, emerges from obscurity with a spruced-up colonial quarter and a powerful backbeat IT SEEMS ONLY RIGHT THAT THE FIRST THING I DO UPON ARRIVING in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil’s City of All Saints, is take a leap of faith: I let a stranger tie a ribbon around my wrist. I’d seen these ribbons [...]